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Mobile Calling App

Answer and make calls from anywhere just like you in the office. When making a call within the APP on the mobile, the outgoing call is presented as your main number. If your internet goes down, you can just turn on the APP on the phone and take calls that way. It work’s great for remote or mobile workers and its very simple to use.


Step 1:

Sign up for our services, by simply completing the contact us form.
A friendly support agent will contact you to confirm your details.

Step 2:

You will receive an email, with your new telephone number, and simple step by step set up instructions. Download the Mobile Calling calling app which is free in the IOS and Play store 

Step 3:

Open your App and start making calls…..

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Get a online store, with a Mobile App for your business from only R 6000.00. Terms & Conditions Apply - Call : +278 333 66 217 or email :

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